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Company Name ADN Telecom
Established 2003
Category Name Marketing & Sales
Product Name ADNsms
Target Industry ICT, Pharmaceuticals, RMG, Food, Education, Leather, E-commerce, Service Provider, Wholesaler, Retailer, Beauty Parlor and Trading business, Corporate, It’s Cross-Industry Software Platform and applicable for all HR, Apparel Printing, Any manufacturing company, Banks, any brand shops etc, Targeted for any business for Micro, Small, Cottage, Self-employed Businesses, Healthcare, Insurance
Total Clients 426
Name of Clients
✪ Partex Group
✪ Rahimafrooz
✪ Robi Axiata Limited
✪ Sayeman Beach Resort
✪ Suzuki Car Bangladesh
✪ Takeout
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Contact Kazi Yalmai Hossain Head of Digital +8801777770504 [email protected]