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Company Name Unisource Technology
Established 2003
Category Name Integrated Business Application & ERP
Product Name Billing Master smart ERP
Target Industry ICT Pharmaceuticals RMG Food Leather Wholesaler Retailer Beauty Parlor and Trading business Any manufacturing company Targeted for any business for Micro Small Cottage Self-employed Businesses
Total Clients 106
Name of Clients
✪ Apex Hossain Group
✪ Fardin Group
✪ Electro Mart Limited.
✪ Huawe Technologies BD Ltd.
✪ Master Hatchery & Poultry Feed Ltd.
✪ Mun Muns Leather Pvt. Ltd.
✪ Genesis Technologies Ltd.
✪ Star Pipes & Plastics Ltd.
✪ Victor Feeds Ltd.
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Contact ATM Mir Hossain Mollah CEO 01819274862 [email protected]