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Company Name Field Information Solutions Ltd
Established 2015
Category Name Field Force Automation
Product Name Field Buzz Sales Force Automation
Target Industry Pharmaceuticals, Food, Service Provider, Wholesaler, Retailer, Beauty Parlor and Trading business, Any manufacturing company, Targeted for any business for Micro, Small, Cottage, Self-employed Businesses, Insurance
Total Clients 23
Name of Clients
✪ Akij Foods & Beverage Ltd
✪ Ispahani Tea Limited
✪ Grameen Danone Foods Limited
✪ RHD Bangladesh
✪ Lovello Ice Cream
✪ MAMPOWER Limited
✪ Reverie Power and Automation Engineering Limited
✪ Rahul Group
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Contact Habib Ullah Bahar Co-founder 8801877721516 [email protected]